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delta 8 magic mushrooms

What Are Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms and How Do You Use Them?

When you hear the term “magic mushrooms”, the first thought that comes to mind may be trip-inducing psychedelics. However, not all magic mushrooms consist of psilocybin, the chemical that creates the hallucinogenic qualities in traditional magic mushrooms.

For those that are not seeking a strong hallucinogenic trip and prefer to experience a more mellow high similar to that of THC, an alternative product exists: delta 8 magic mushrooms. In this article, we’ll be discussing what delta 8 magic mushrooms are, how they differ from psychedelics, and how they can be safely enjoyed.

What Are Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms Made Of?

Delta 8 mushrooms are a combination of a culinary-grade mushroom, such as shiitake or nameko, blended with delta 8 THC. The addition of the delta 8 produces a mild psychoactive effect which is considered to feel similar to standard THC, albeit far milder in its potency and duration. 

Delta 8 can also be combined with other types of cannabinoids such as THCO for a more well-rounded psychoactive effect. THCO is a potent cannabinoid that can have a more intense psychoactive effect than standard delta 9 THC. 

It is important to note that the mushroom itself is not psychedelic in nature. By eating delta 8 magic mushrooms, you are simply consuming delta 8 through the vessel of a delicious mushroom.

How Can You Use Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms?

Delta 8 mushrooms can be eaten as-is straight out of the packaging. Typically, they are dried before packaging and will have more of a crunchy consistency if consumed this way. 

Because they are made with culinary-grade mushrooms, they can also be cooked and added into your favorite dishes such as a stir fry, salad or placed on a sandwich. As they are cooked, the mushrooms will re-soften and take on more of a traditional consistency and flavor with the added psychoactive benefits of delta 8 THC. 

Mushroom species such as nameko have been widely used in traditional Japanese cuisine for centuries. Their long stems, versatile flavor profile, and smooth texture have made them a popular choice for many dishes including miso soup and a number of different sushi recipes. 

As with any cannabinoid, delta 8 does produce psychoactive effects that alter your state of mind and reduce your reaction time. It is crucial that you exercise caution when consuming delta 8 magic mushrooms. You should avoid driving any sort of vehicle or operating any heavy machinery after enjoying delta 8 magic mushrooms. You may also want to consult with a medical professional before consuming if you have any medical conditions that may be related to ocular or blood pressure.

Lastly, be sure to follow the recommended dosage instructions. It is recommended that you start with a small dose, then work your way up to ensure your psychoactive experience is not too strong. 

How to Find High-Quality Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms 

If you are interested in taking them, you should purchase your delta 8 magic mushrooms from a reputable retailer. You can find reputable retailers online by doing some preliminary research and looking for a company that has good reviews for selling similar products. 

Buying your mushrooms from a trusted seller ensures that the mushrooms have been harvested, dried, and packaged properly for your own safety. It also guarantees that the quality of the cannabinoids used in creating these products meets the necessary safety standards and has the proper ingredients for consumption. 

If you are purchasing delta 8 magic mushrooms in-person, be sure to select products from a retailer that specializes in selling alternative cannabinoids. They will offer a more curated selection of high-quality products and their employees will have the ability to advise you effectively on how to get the right product for you. 

You should try to avoid buying any delta 8 magic mushrooms from cheaper places such as gas stations or convenience stores. These types of sellers may offer lower prices for a product that has not gone through the necessary lab testing for safety and quality. Always do your due diligence in research and use good judgment when shopping for cannabinoid products. 

Get the Highest Quality THCO/Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms Today 

Dank Lite offers a wide variety of domestic, Colorado-grown cannabinoid products. Everything we sell has been independently tested in a lab and certified for the highest possible safety and quality. 

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