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THCB Cannabinoid Distillate – How to Enjoy It to the Fullest

Tetrahydrocannabutol, commonly referred to as THCB, is one of the most newly discovered cannabinoids on the market. THCB is a phytocannabinoid that was first identified in 2019 by researchers in Italy. This means that it is a naturally occurring part of the cannabis plant. 

Since its discovery, THCB has joined other cannabinoids such as Delta 8, THCO and HHC as a legal alternative to the traditional marijuana cannabinoid, Delta 9 THC. In this article, we will be discussing the effects of THCB, the ways in which it can be consumed and the best way to fully and safely enjoy the cannabinoid.

What Does Consuming THCB Feel Like?

THCB binds with both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the human body, though it bonds more with CB1. This is what causes the user to experience the “high” effects of THCB. 

THCB is often compared to THC and is believed to have a similar psychoactive effect. Just like with traditional THC, THCB is noted to also have some therapeutic properties, such as assistance with pain management and helping users enjoy a more restful sleep at night. 

However, because this cannabinoid was discovered so recently, research into THCB is still ongoing and its benefits are only just beginning to be discovered! 

Because it shares a similar psychoactive nature to THC, THCB is often a popular choice for consumers that want a “legal alternative” to THC in states where it is heavily restricted or banned.

What Kind of THCB Products Are on the Market?

Due to how recently the cannabinoid was discovered, its effectiveness in various mediums is still being evaluated. However, one of its most common forms is a distillate.

What Are Distillates?

Distillates are a form of cannabis that have undergone evaporation and condensation, also known as the distillation process. Commonly referred to as oils, they are a thick, liquid-like golden substance that can be consumed in a number of ways.

One of the most straightforward ways that people ingest distillates is by swallowing it directly. However, due to their raw taste, distillates are often mixed with food to repress their natural flavor. Distillates can also be applied directly to the skin as a topical treatment, sometimes being combined with a lotion or ointment.  

THCB Safety

Do Not Operate Machinery or Drive a Vehicle After Consuming 

Because THCB produces a psychoactive effect, it will effectively impair your judgment and slow your reaction time just like traditional THC does. This means that it is crucial to avoid operating any heavy machinery or driving a vehicle until the effects have completely worn off. 

If you are unsure whether it’s been long enough since consuming THCB to drive somewhere or operate heavy machinery, you should stay on the safe side and wait a few more hours until you are completely certain the effects have worn off. 

Start With Smaller Doses 

If it is your first time trying THCB, it is recommended that you start with a smaller dose than you are used to with other cannabinoids. Once you get a feel for how THCB affects you, then you can start moving up in dosage. 

Ask Your Doctor About Taking THCB 

If you have medical concerns related to any condition you experience such as blood or ocular pressure, you should speak to a doctor before using THCB. They will be able to advise if using this cannabinoid will be safe for you and if there are any viable alternatives if not. 

Purchase From a Reliable Retailer

As with purchasing any other cannabinoid product, you should find a reliable retailer that specializes in selling cannabinoid products. Do some research and read reviews online to find a trusted seller before buying. 

It is recommended that you avoid buying THCB or any other cannabinoid products from places like convenience stores or gas stations. While these types of stores may offer lower prices for products, this is because they most likely haven’t undergone the proper safety and quality testing. Any established cannabinoid retailer will be able to tell you the safety and quality measures taken for their products. 

Get Bulk THCB Distillate Today

Dank Lite offers THCB products in a variety of mediums including vapes, dabs and distillates. All of our cannabinoid products are 100% Colorado-grown and have undergone independent lab testing to ensure the highest safety and quality possible.

If you’re looking for a unique and potent cannabinoid product, check out our Delta 9 + THCB Distillate here.



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