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Lab Results

Raising the Standards of CBD Hemp Flower

We feel “smokable” hemp has become a very relative term. We realize that most smokable hemp growers cultivate their products in fields and practice less-than-ideal processing procedures. Not only that, but many smokable hemp producers improperly dry their product (often in the same areas in which it grew), thus stifling its potential and ridding it of valuable terpenes.


We assure you, these are not standard practices at Dank Lite and grow our boutique-style CBD hemp flower indoors or in greenhouse settings. Our staff continuously monitors its progress to ensure the quality remains high, and the THC levels remain low. Furthermore, we slow-cure our hemp in temperature and moisture-controlled environments to preserve precious terpenes and cannabinoids. In doing, we have not only created the best smokable hemp on the market, but we’ve also raised the bar for acceptable hemp products. The smokable hemp you buy from us will always be top-quality and a true pleasure to behold.


Below are all of our COA results. We like to stay current and keeps thing above board. Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.




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