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how to use hemp flower

How to Use Hemp Flower: A Complete Guide

Hemp flower is one of the most popular alternatives to THC flower. It is more widely available in states that heavily regulate or restrict marijuana consumption and produces a similar sensation, though often milder. Like THC flower, hemp flower can also be used in a variety of ways that go beyond smoking. Today, we are going to review some uses for hemp flowers that extend beyond smoking for those who want to get creative.

First, Decarboxylate Your Hemp Flower

To use your hemp flower for more than smoking, it needs to be decarboxylated. Without doing this, you cannot access the full therapeutic benefits of the flower. Decarboxylation is a simple process that requires nothing more than your hands and an oven. 

How to Decarboxylate Hemp Flower in Three Simple Steps: 

First, you must break the flower part by hand into smaller pieces and place it on a baking sheet. It is important that you use your hands for this, as using an herb grinder can affect the taste and psychoactive effects of the flower. 

The next step is to preheat the oven to 240 degrees. Use a thermometer to verify the real temperature inside the oven to be 240 degrees. If it is too hot, you may have to lower the oven temperature until you hit the sweet spot.

Finally, place the baking sheet with the flower in it onto the oven’s middle rack and set a timer for 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up, remove the sheet from the oven, move the flower pieces around with a utensil, and then place it back into the oven for another 20 minutes. Then, remove the flower and you have decarboxylated hemp!

4 Ideas for Using Hemp Flower

Infuse with Coconut Oil

Hemp flowers can be infused into coconut oil for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re cooking up a delicious dish, adding it to a hot cup of coffee, or using it as a hair and skin treatment, you can create a healthy multipurpose CBD-infused product.

Create Cannabutter

Like coconut oil, hemp is fat-soluble and can be infused into butter to create a tasty, herbaceous butter that you can use in your baking. It’s perfect for making delicious bread, desserts, meat glazes, and more.

Steep with Your Tea

One of the most popular applications for hemp is using it to alleviate stress and sleeping issues. Hemp flower tea is a great way to achieve these effects with the comfort of a warm and soothing beverage. Simply add hemp flowers to your favorite loose leaf teas to create a delicious drink that will provide the therapeutic effects you’re looking for. These teas are perfect for nighttime if you are looking to wind down, destress, and get some rest at the end of a long day. 

Create an Herbal Seasoning

Hemp flowers are a perfect addition to dishes with rustic or earthy flavors. It can also be mixed in with other green herbs like oregano for an extra layer of flavor. Cuisines that pair exceptionally well with hemp seasonings include Mediterranean, Italian, East Asian, and Middle Eastern.

Types of Hemp Flowers:

If you are searching for the ideal hemp flower, there are a variety of options to choose from. Consider these options:

  • Delta 8 – one of the most common cannabinoids, often regarded as a milder alternative to traditional marijuana.
  • HHC – Hydrogenated THC is considered very close in its properties to marijuana.
  • THCP – Widely regarded as an intense cannabinoid often considered higher than traditional THC.

How to Care for Hemp Flower:

There are multiple steps that you should take to ensure that your hemp flower stays potent and safe for consumption. First off, make sure that you keep the hemp flower stored in a cool, dry place. Your flower should not be kept in a damp area or a bathroom. It is also important that your hemp flower is stored in an airtight container. This will not only keep the smell contained but also ensure that the flower does not dry out. Lastly, if you infuse your flower into an oil, store the oil as you normally would and mind any expiration dates on the oil’s label. 

Get High-Quality Hemp Flower Today

Dank Lite offers a variety of high-quality, pesticide, and GMO-free flower products. Our Colorado-grown, independently certified for quality hemp flower provides a natural way to safely achieve the therapeutic effects of hemp. 

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