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Delta 8 and Delta 9 Gummies: The Beginner’s Guide

Gummy vitamins and supplements are one of the most popular methods of consumption on the market right now. If you look at the vitamin section of a pharmacy, you will likely see countless gummy options.

Unlike capsules and soft gels, gummies are sweet, chewable, and available in a variety of flavors. This makes them favorable over pills for many people of all ages.

Gummies are not only popular for vitamins and supplements though. Cannabinoid gummies like delta 8 and delta 9 gummies have also increased in popularity as one of the hottest-selling edibles. This popularity leaves consumers with a few questions.

What exactly goes into a cannabinoid gummy? How are they made? Today, we’re going to cover this in-depth as well as the best ways to buy delta 8 and delta 9 gummies.

How Gummies Are Made

In order to fully understand how gummies are made, you must understand what they are composed of. At their core, gummies contain four essential ingredients: a gelatin base, a sweetener, a flavoring agent, and citric acid to balance the PH level.

The first step in making gummies is to melt the gelatin, sweetener, and flavoring agents into a liquid-like mixture. After that, colors, citric acid, and active ingredients like delta 8 or delta 9 hemp extract are added. The gummies are then chilled in molds and coated.

The delta 8 or delta 9 extract is considered the active ingredient in the gummy due to its added psychoactive or euphoric effects. Delta 8 and delta 9 extract is derived directly from hemp plants. There are multiple extraction methods, but oil extraction is the most common for gummies due to its compatibility with many of the other ingredients.

How Are Gummies Different Than Smoking?

Although they produce similar effects, there are still some noticeable differences between smoking hemp and consuming hemp gummies.

  • The effects of smoking typically set in quicker than when using edibles.
  • Edibles metabolize gradually, delaying the peak of the psychoactive effects.
  • While smoking sensations can last a few hours, a strong enough edible can last exponentially longer.
  • Gummies are perfect for someone that wants to maintain a steady feeling throughout the day.

These are all important distinctions to consider when you are deciding whether smoking or eating delta 8 or delta 9 gummies is the right method of consumption for you.

How to Find High-Quality Delta 8 and Delta 9 Gummies

Purchase from a specialty retailer

When you decide that you’d like to purchase delta 8 or delta 9 gummies, it is important that you buy them at a reputable retailer that specializes in these sorts of products. Try going to your local shop and asking for recommendations if you need some assistance.

It is recommended that you avoid buying delta 8 or delta 9 gummies from convenience stores or gas stations that may cut corners in quality for a cheaper product.

Check for any signs of expiration before consuming

There are a few important precautions you must take before consuming any delta 8 or delta 9 gummies that you buy. For starters, if there is a “watery” consistency inside the jar or condensation inside, do not consume the product. On the other side of that, check to make sure that your gummies are not overly dry or cracked either.

You should also check for any fuzzy-looking discoloration or mold before biting in. Finally, like with many other packaged foods, check for broken seals around the cap or under the cap when you buy them. If the packaging looks like it has been broken or opened, do not consume the gummies inside.

Adequate Dosage

Look for a product that provides 25mg of cannabinoid extract per gummy. This is a good starting-point dosage to ensure that you do not consume too much at one time.


USA-made gummies and USA-sourced hemp not only offer a great taste and sensation but also adhere to quality control standards. Delta 8, and Delta 9 gummies that are not made in the United States do not need to follow the same guidelines which can lead to them being an inferior products.

Get the Terpiest Delta 8 and Delta 9 Gummies Today

Dank Lite offers high-quality hemp products that are made and sold in the United States. All cannabinoids are sourced directly from our meticulously cared-for cultivars in our Colorado growing facility to the highest quality and safety standards.

To learn more, check out our gummy products or contact us for more information.

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