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How to Get the Best THCO Experience

thco experience

THCO is one of the most popular cannabinoids being sold today due to its federally legal status and potency. It is known for producing psychoactive effects that are considered approximately three-times the strength of standard …

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What’s HHC? All About this Popular Cannabinoid

whats HHC

Hexyhydrocannbinol, commonly referred to as HHC, is a hydrogenated form of THC that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It can also be created synthetically in a professional laboratory setting.  HHC is known for its …

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What Are Delta 8 Magic Mushrooms and How Do You Use Them?

delta 8 magic mushrooms

When you hear the term “magic mushrooms”, the first thought that comes to mind may be trip-inducing psychedelics. However, not all magic mushrooms consist of psilocybin, the chemical that creates the hallucinogenic qualities in traditional …

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5 Types of Dabs to Try this Year

types of dabs

Unlike other methods of consuming cannabinoids, dabbing allows you to enjoy the fullest and purest flavor by consuming a highly concentrated amount over a heated surface. Many purists often use dabs as their preferred consumption …

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THCO vs Delta 8: Similarities and Differences

thco vs delta 8

THCO and Delta 8 are two of the most popular alternative cannabinoids being sold on the market today. Both of them are available in a wide variety of products such as dabs, prerolls, edibles, vapes, …

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How to Pick the Best Delta 10 Products

delta 10 products

While delta 8 has quickly become one of the most popular cannabinoids in the United States, its relative, delta 10, is close behind. Like regular THC delta 9, delta 10 can provide you with similar …

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How to Safely Shop Delta 9 Vape Pens Online

delta 9 vape pens online

Delta 9 has taken the cannabinoid industry by storm recently. While it can be consumed through a number of mediums, the most popular way to enjoy delta 9 is through vape pens.  There are many …

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CBD vs CBN vs CBG: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

cbd vs cbn vs cbg

One of the most exciting facts about the alternative cannabinoid industry is that many new cannabinoids are discovered on a regular basis. This also creates possibilities for new product types to help people enjoy their …

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All About THCH and THCB Cannabinoids

thcb cannabinoid

Over the past few years, more states across the country have begun legalizing the medical and recreational use of THC. As marijuana becomes more widely legalized and dispensaries start to pop up in more locations, …

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