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cannabis derived terpenes

What Are Cannabis Derived Terpenes?

Terpenes are the organic compounds that influence the aroma, taste profile, and psychoactive effects of cannabis flowers. Do you have a general idea of what cannabis smells or tastes like? That’s the terpenes at work. 

These molecules also exist in other products such as fruits and in some consumer fragrances. Additionally, scientists are able to create artificial terpenes in a laboratory setting. 

The Power of Aroma and the Brain 

In addition to THC, terpenes can also affect the psychoactive properties of cannabis. According to an article from Harvard University, a person’s sense of smell is processed through the olfactory bulb located at the front of the brain. Aromas are then transmitted to places like the amygdala and hippocampus which control emotion and memory. 

Why Choose Cannabis Derived Terpenes Over Synthetic Terpenes? 

When you are browsing cannabinoid products in-store or online, you should opt for products that offer naturally derived cannabis terpenes. Taken directly from the plant itself, these terpenes are a natural component of the flower and provide the most authentic and true taste. 

What Cannabinoid Products Contain Terpenes? 

Most, if not all, cannabinoid products contain terpenes – especially flowers. Whether you prefer a vape cartridge, gummies, pre-roll, dab, tincture, or a natural flower – you’ll find terpenes at work.  

Types of Terpenes 

Did you know there are multiple types of terpene molecules? Some common varieties you will find include:


Among all terpene varieties, myrcene is the one most commonly found in cannabis. Also abundant in products like mangos and hops, it features an earthy yet slightly fruity aroma that experienced cannabis users will find familiar. 


Limonene is another abundant terpene, though not quite as present as myrcene. Its strong citrusy notes are also present in citrus fruits as well as a key fragrance component in many consumer products. 


A third common terpene, Linalool offers a strong spiced-floral aroma. Like limonene, it is a popular component in fragrances. 

Other Terpenes 

Broken down by aroma profile, here are a variety of other terpenes you can find in cannabis products: 

Spice/Herbal Notes: 

  • Caryophyllene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Borneol

Earthy/Woody Notes: 

  • Alpha-pinene
  • Beta-pinene
  • Humulene
  • Delta 3 Carene
  • Camphene

Floral Notes:

  • Alpha-bisabolol
  • Trans-nerolido
  • Terpineol

Sweet/Fruity Notes: 

  • Valencene
  • Geraniol

Why Do High-Quality Terpenes Matter? 

More Flavorful Taste 

Nothing can kill the vibe quite like poor-tasting cannabis. Quality terpenes have a deeper, smoother, and more enjoyable flavor that pairs with any vape, gummy, or other medium you prefer to get your daily dank indulgence from. 

More Enjoyable Aromas

Few sensations can compare to the aromas of quality cannabis flowers. Terpenes from cultivars that are grown to strict standards produce more complex and balanced scents that complement their incredible flavor seamlessly. 

Better Vibes 

As we mentioned above, terpenes contribute to the psychoactive properties of cannabis along with THC. When enjoying your favorite cannabinoids from carefully grown cultivars, you can enjoy better vibes for longer! 

How to Find the Best Quality Cannabis Derived Terpenes 

To ensure that you’re only using the most terpy, smooth, and flavorful cannabinoids, here are some qualities to look for as you’re shopping for the right products: 

Point of Origin 

Where do the terpenes come from? Are they synthetically created or harvested directly from the cannabis plant? Flavorful, cannabis-derived terpenes are especially crucial for products like high-quality flowers, pre-rolls, and edibles. 

The Plants Themselves

Where are the cannabis plants grown? The flavor and smoothness of terpenes from cannabis cultivars that are grown in a controlled environment are unmatchable. 

Point of Sale 

To ensure the highest terpene quality and product safety, it is best to purchase cannabinoids from reliable brands and retailers that specialize in these products. These items are created and curated to meet higher standards than cheaper alternatives you might find in a general retail outlet. 

Get the Terpiest Cannabinoids for Your Daily Dank Indulgence

At Dank Lite, we offer only the terpiest and tastiest cannabinoid products produced from cultivars grown exclusively in Colorado to the highest quality standards. We’re on a mission to help you enjoy the ultimate daily dank indulgence with a variety of vapes, edibles, flowers, and much more! 

To experience the terpiest cannabinoids on the market for yourself, browse our products online or contact us if you want to learn more. 



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