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About Us

Thank You for Choosing Dank Lite!

We know that you have a choice on where to buy your products and it means a lot to us that you continue to choose Danklite.

First and foremost, we are cannabinoid enthusiasts.  We love the products we make and wouldn’t dare produce a product that we aren’t proud of. We started our business in 2018 and have grown by leaps and bounds since.


What We're All About

Made in the USA, Baby!

100% of our plants are all grown in Colorado or Oregon by the most reputable and sustainable farms. We visit our farms and have awesome relationships with them. Quality matters to us.

It's really made by Us

We manufacture everything here in our Denver, Colorado facility. Nothing is outsourced. We make our own formulations and control every aspect of manufacturing. We are perfectionists about the new flavors and infusions we create. All products are tested and certified by independent ISO 17025 accredited testing facilities. We test every product for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and mycotoxins.

We're serious about what we do

We've built a 20,000 sf facility in Denver with a state of the art clean room and manufacturing process to ensure no contaminants are in the Danklite products you enjoy. We pick, pack, and ship everything from our facility so you receive your order directly from us.


Our Core Beliefs

The Dank Lite Team

DankLite is a proud sponsor of "The Reset Foundation"

The Reset Foundation

The Reset Foundation helps families and individuals that experience a life altering event such as an unexpected tragedy to a loved one. The Reset Foundation is able to assist with housing, bills, and grief counseling during this time of need.

The Reset Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization


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