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types of dabs

5 Types of Dabs to Try this Year

Unlike other methods of consuming cannabinoids, dabbing allows you to enjoy the fullest and purest flavor by consuming a highly concentrated amount over a heated surface. Many purists often use dabs as their preferred consumption method over smoking. 

Whether you are a long-time dabber looking for something new or you are looking to try it for the first time, here are 5 great alternative cannabinoids to dab this year.

What You Need to Start Dabbing

Dabs are primarily consumed using what is called a “dab rig”. This glass pipe contains a specific holder for your dab to be heated so that it can be inhaled.

A “nail” is placed into the rig, which works similarly to a bowl on a bong, but it is specifically designed for holding the concentrate in place so that it can be safely heated. Some dab rigs will include a nail while others may not.

To heat the dab, many use a culinary torch to heat it. Look for one that emits a small, directed flame so that you do not risk injury. Creme brulee torches are some of the most commonly used. You will also need a carb cap to place over the nail after inhaling. This helps to regulate airflow and ensure a more comfortable experience while reducing the chance of coughing fits, etc.

Lastly, to remove the dab cleanly, you will need a small spoon or spatula-shaped dab tool. This allows you to extract the desired amount without worrying about taking too much.

How to Use Your Dab Rig

First, preheat the nail with the torch to its proper temperature. Each nail may have its own temperature threshold, so research this before purchasing. Let the nail cool for about 45-60 seconds if it’s glass and about 10-15 for a titanium nail.

Using the dab tool, apply it to the nail and begin inhaling. Be sure to scrape all of the dab off of the tool.

While inhaling, make sure the carb cap is over the top of the nail to regulate the airflow.

Benefits of Dabbing

Save money 

Dab concentrate only requires a small amount to be consumed in order to produce the desired effect. This makes it last much longer than traditional flower. By sticking to dabs, you’ll end up saving money in the long run. 

A More Potent Flavor 

Dabs allow you to enjoy a terpier, tastier flavor without any plant or earthy notes. For those that don’t like the natural taste of smoking flower, dabs are a good option to try out. 

A Stronger Psychoactive Effect

Because dabs offer the highest concentrated amount of THC, they produce a very strong psychoactive effect. This makes them a popular choice for seasoned smokers who have built up a high tolerance to marijuana because of their strength.

Dabs to Try this Summer

Delta 8

Often called “diet weed”, delta 8 is a milder form of traditional THC. Because of its lower potency, dabbing delta 8 can ensure you receive the full, yet more mild experience. Delta 8 dabs are a great option for daytime dabbing or for beginners because of its gentler effects. 


HHC is hydrogenated THC and produces a more intense sensation than typical THC. Dabbing HHC can provide an incredibly potent experience that is great for days where you have nothing planned and want to chill out for a while at home.

Delta 10

Similar to delta 8 in the sense that it is a milder alternative to delta-9-THC, delta 10 is often available in Sativa (head-high, energizing, etc.) strains or hybrids. Delta 10 is not as widely available as delta 8, so be sure to purchase from a reliable retailer with experience selling quality cannabinoids.


THCO is a federally legal cannabinoid that is the byproduct of industrial hemp cultivation. It is believed to be among the most potent, if not the most potent alternative cannabinoid on the market. THCO is great for longtime consumers but not recommended for brand new dabbers unless they have experience with THCO already. 

Baller Jar

The Baller Jar is a blend of five cannabinoids: Delta 8, Delta10, HHC, THCO, and THCP. It contains 3g of concentrate which is long-lasting and has great taste. The Rocky Mountain Blueberry strain is a sweet Indica filled with the aroma of berries that sparks deep relaxation. 

Get Colorado-Grown Alternative Cannabinoid Dabs Today

Dank Lite offers pure and potent dabs that have been independently lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and safety. All of our dab products have been sourced from the finest quality hemp at our Colorado-based growing facility

To learn more about trying some of our alternative cannabinoid dabs, view our products online or contact us today to find Dank Lite at a store near you. 



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